MARC NAMBLARD “Chants of Frozen Lake” CD


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Fifty-five minutes of field recordings by Marc Namblard retracing an unusual phenomena : the acoustic resonances of a frozen lake. Recorded at Lac de Pierre percée in Vosges, France, January 16, 2008.
Published by Kalerne Editions in collaboration with Atelier Hui-Kan in Taiwan, April 2008.

“Marc Namblard made a beautiful recording of a frozen lake in January 2006. The 56 min. running time follows the temperature change when the first sunlight comes out and the ice sheet starts working under increasing pressure. From my own experience I know that it is unforgetable and awe-striking to feel the cracks flash through the ice surface like thunder bolts. Marc recorded with microphones placed on the ice surface, therefore some background atmosphere is catched as well. Marcs CD is the best capture of such ice sounds as far as I know, it is exactly what you hear while staying on a frozen lake during temperature changes. And it is a hard job to get the right moment where such sound events occur, because the days of frozen lakes are more and more rare in our latitude.” Andreas Bick