HEARTH recordings is an independant record company & mailorder based in south France, subdivision of the label FACTHEDRAL’S HALL. We’re focused on soundtracks, field recordings, atmospheric and ambient music. We do not generate profits (or a few crumbs), our profits benefit to customers who don’t pay the shipping costs, and to some NGO’s.


“In the long term, i hope that this structure can benefit to animal, ecological and human causes. The label’s productions only have reason to exist if they can bring something to our planet, and to our species, in addition to the simple fact of listening to them. A minimum of ethics seems essential to me at the moment, taking into account the resources used for the manufacture of these records and the transport of these goods, so that you can benefit from them.
Inevitably, this will have repercussions on the sale price of each record, but you know now that it will also to :

  • compensate for the environmental price it will cost the planet, by indirectly supporting people who are really fighting on the ground to save the living.
  • the fact that any citizen of the world can buy one of our records at the same price as a resident in France.
  • support artists, creators, photographers & designers, sound designers & engineers…”

Marc Reina